Image Processing path

We will get you to our image processing's collaborative development platform. The code you will collaborate on will be pushed there -> kitsoft's GitHub repo.

Join the team

The image processing workflow is happening on collaborative code platform. We bring to you images as inputs and you have to denoise them as much as you can. Following some KPIs, we measure the performance of the code and soon, we will update a leaderboard at any of your submission. At least, if you're ok with that ;)

To get a credential, send us an email to the address We will deploy for you an VM instance, which consists in a repo with data input, classic pre-installed packages, and some routines code. Your code will happen in the /home/ubuntu/workspace directory, which is on a git source control system. The central repo is here [1]. For the community to benefit from your insights, you’ll have to create a custom branch in the format `your_name`.

Please ! do not commit on master ;)

Image Processing Pipeline

The Image processing Pipeline develops image processing algorithms, image quality and computational metrics. The aim is to produce algorithms which can be ported to android smarphones. The flowchart shows the image processing pipeline. Image denoising scheme.png

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