Intro to the hardware

Slides, yeayyyyh

What do we want to do, and the different logic components of the probe.

The logic parts can be found on the probes we have been exploring, for example the IR1510AK , the S-VRW77AK with the transducers we are using on the V0.0 or on the A6-3 and its annular array.

Parts of the tool


  • Objective
    • Sending a 1 – 2µs pulse at minus 150V to get the pulse.
  • Requirements
    • Getting a « top » to pulse
    • As short as possible
    • As high voltage as possible (within specs)
  • Tests with Emile


  • Objective
    • Moving the transducer where we know it’ll be
    • Having a strong probe body
  • Requirements
    • High speed rotation
    • Waterproofing the casing


  • Objective
    • Overall specs
      • At 3.5MHz
      • -3dB at roughly 2 - 5 MHz-
    • Getting a good-resolution signal from a robust transducer, which may or may not include the following specs:
      • Immersible
      • With a focal distance of 75mm (cf the models at Transducer Models)
      • 10mm in diameter (it seems that smaller have smaller focal distance)
      • Materials : possibility to use 1-3 composite
      • with a thin backing - and a low-footprint backing
      • if possible, low-cost !
  • Requirements
    • Getting a « top » to pulse
    • As short as possible
    • As high voltage as possible (within specs)
  • Tests with Emile


  • Objective
    • Converting the analog data to digital data in a memory space
  • Requirements
    • Protecting the receiving circuit
    • Mastering TCG @HF
    • Mastering selective gain @HF
    • Getting the raw signal (5MHz based) sampled at at least 20/40MHz (if getting the signal) or to a frequency for acceptable sampling
    • Preprocessing the data using filters ?
  • Open Challenges
  • Tests with Emile


Overall schema

Echopen architecture small.png


Key general articles (base of inspiration for our dear Emile)

Similar initiatives

  1. See Projets Similaires

FPGA-related bibliography


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