Why should I join ?

With becoming a member of the echOpen association, you keep this great open source project going on. This yearly share enables the contributors to continue their work for the echOpen project according to the published roadmap!

What are my benefits ?

You will receive:

  • As a voting member of echOpen, you can participate in future elections and help weigh in on issues of importance to the community (you will be allowed to vote in meetings and on issues requiring votes).
  • A virtual badge to embed on your website that says “I’m a member of echOpen.”

How can I become an echOpen member ?

Membership levels is 10€ annually - but donations are greatly appreciated. All donations and membership dues (beyond the cost of providing specific benefits) will be used to support the echOpen’s public-interest purpose.

Come to chat with us, and we'll register you as a member and give you an awesome membership card!

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